3 Reasons to Open a Quiznos Toasted Sub Franchise

Strong brand equity, innovative technology tools and a franchisee-centric business model make us a franchise to invest in

Quiznos revolutionized the sub sandwich in the 1980s, building legions of fans. Today the new leadership of our well-loved sandwich brand is investing in technology and a new restaurant design to optimize the Quiznos toasted sub franchise for another 40 years of success and loyal fans.

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We have modernized our business model and lowered the barriers to franchise ownership, as well as unveiled a new restaurant design that includes a dedicated spot for picking up online and mobile app orders and features seating near wall outlets so busy customers can have a place to plug in while they enjoy their meal or wait to pick it up. We also continually roll out new menu items, optimizing our classic menu as well as our constantly rotating Limited Time Offerings (LTOs), which is where we unleash our creative juices and try out new recipes and flavor profiles.

“There has never been a better time to open a Quiznos,” says Gerry Lopez, Executive Chairman and CEO. “Our product has always been exceptional. Our perfectly toasted, chef-inspired sandwiches are loved by millions of people across the country. Now we have the right team in place to take our brand to the next level. Our main goal is to help our franchisees thrive, and we’ve made significant investments to improve our business model and increase profitability for our franchisees. This leadership team is franchisee-centric at its core.”

Quiznos rocked the sandwich world by introducing a perfectly toasted sub in 1981. Today, Quiznos is one of the most beloved brands in the $21 billion sandwich industry, with millions of devoted fans across the nation. The fact that Quiznos enjoys overwhelming brand awareness throughout the nation is an enormous advantage for entrepreneurs who want to realize their dreams by opening a Quiznos franchise in their markets.

Here are the top three reasons you should invest in a Quiznos toasted sub franchise:

Quiznos enjoys overwhelming brand equity

Quiznos is the leader in brand recognition and awareness in the booming sandwich industry. According to our internal surveys, an impressive 90% of U.S. consumers are aware of the Quiznos brand, and an astonishing 70% have enjoyed one of our sandwiches — making us one of the most recognizable sandwich brands in the $21 billion sandwich industry. We have engaged fans as well, with more than 1 million Facebook followers, millions of email subscribers and tens of thousands of Twitter followers, plus nearly 500,000 Toasty Points loyalty and online ordering app downloads.

Our toasted, chef-inspired subs are so popular that the most common question we get is, “When is a Quiznos opening near me?” With a franchisee-focused team, improved business model, a new restaurant design and an emphasis on ongoing training, now is the time to bring Quiznos to your community!

Quiznos uses technology to optimize the customer experience

At Quiznos we don’t sit back and take our brand loyalty for granted. We have invested significantly in customer data, beginning with our mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. This critical data helps us identify our most popular menu items, allows us to regularly survey our customers for menu feedback and enables us to track customer loyalty by knowing how often they visit our locations.

We’ve learned quite a lot about our customers through this data, which has guided our executive team to remain on the cutting edge of food trends, to develop new flavor profiles, to embrace the rising popularity of ethnic foods and more. By doing so, we can offer a menu that is constantly evolving to meet consumer demand.

“Quiznos has tremendous brand equity, which after being so beloved by millions for more than 35 years is not surprising,” says Ron Lund, SVP, General Manager with Quiznos. “Now we get to complement this brand equity with real information about what our customers like and dislike so we can develop a menu that both retains our loyal customers and captures more of the market. Our efforts have worked.”

Quiznos invests in strategy to increase franchisees’ profitability

Quiznos is dedicated to investing in tools that will help increase franchisees’ profitability levels. In 2016, we made a New Deal with our franchise network to reduce ongoing royalty and ad fees and put more money back in our franchisees’ pockets. It also incorporated our beautiful new restaurant design, which we are going to continue to invest in for the long-term success of our franchisees.

Quiznos has never been more affordable to own than it is today. The New Deal not only reduced the franchise fee to $10,000, but it also lowered royalty fees from 7% to 5% and national advertising fees from 4% to 2%. These reductions did not come at the expense of support that we provide to our franchisees, which is some of the most robust in the entire franchise industry. This agreement has the added benefit of helping to increase the ongoing profit potential of Quiznos restaurants, as the savings on royalty and advertising fees translate into real dollars for our franchisees to invest in their businesses.

Our executive team is committed to supplying our franchisees with technology to improve every aspect of their businesses. Most recently, we supplied our franchisees with a new point-of-sale (POS) system that has several key functions: 1) providing  analytics on sales, effectiveness of promotions, inventory and unit profitability; 2) simplifying ordering inventory and inventory maintenance; and 3) being synced with some third-party delivery platforms to help capture a sizable share of the mobile delivery revolution.

“Our New Deal is an industry-leading decision to reinvest in the long-term success of our franchisees,” says Patrick Hilton, Executive Vice President, Operations and Development, North America. “As a result, it makes us truly competitive in the crowded sandwich market. Our ongoing fees were reduced to an industry low, which gives our franchisees the funds needed to market effectively in their communities. We’re not interested in collecting fees from our franchisees; we’re interested in building a relationship and providing the mentoring, training and education to empower our franchisees to become successful. We’re not focusing on hyper-growth, we’re focusing on growing smart. We’re focusing on finding the entrepreneurs who are passionate about our brand and have the drive to succeed by opening Quiznos in their communities.”

As we expand across the country, Quiznos is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about our brand and our food and have the drive to share that passion with their communities.

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