Quiznos Sandwich Franchise’s New Design Made With Today’s Mobile Consumer in Mind

Strong brand equity, support and a franchisee-centric culture help owners launch a business that quickly becomes part of the community

A Quiznos sandwich franchise is a standout investment in the $21 billion sandwich industry. We’re a longstanding brand that constantly looks to the future and our new in-store experience optimizes the Quiznos experience for today’s mobile-minded customer.

Sandwiches have been an American food favorite for decades, but how we order our favorite sandwich is rapidly changing. Quiznos’ new restaurant design, unveiled at the franchise locations in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, heightens the focus on a core demographic group in our customer base – the mobile customer. Our popular mobile app provides critical data to optimize franchisee profitability by identifying best-selling items and trends. This data helps our executive team make updates to our menu that are relevant to consumer demand.

“The in-store experience has been significantly enhanced by our new restaurant design,” says Natalie Hansen, Senior Director of Development. “Our new look and feel is chic, ultra-modern and seems much larger than our average 1,200-square-foot layout. This makes the investment more affordable for franchisees, as well as improves the overall customer experience, increasing the frequency of a customer’s visit.”sandwich franchise image of hand about to cut sub sandwich

With more than 600 locations around the world, Quiznos is focusing on a national expansion campaign; the plan is to grow by hundreds of locations in the coming years. Our franchisee-centric leadership team is actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs who have a passion for our brand, a love for their communities and the ability to follow our proven business model to join our franchise family.

Customer experience elevated to meet today’s digital world

Quiznos may be one of the most affordable franchises in the sub-sandwich industry but we don’t skimp on food quality or customer service. We’re one of the most recognizable sandwich brands and we’ve elevated our in-store design to make that experience equally as memorable.

Today’s customer expects a more streamlined customer experience, and we’ve made changes to our restaurant interior design that take every step of the customer journey into consideration. Whether it’s a dedicated spot for picking up online orders or power outlets strategically placed by seating so customers can keep their devices charged, we’ve ensured our iconic brand meets the demands of today’s digitally centric world.

We’ve also invested in tools that will help increase franchisees’ profitability levels, starting with a new point-of-sale (POS) system with several key functions: 1) providing  analytics on sales, effectiveness of promotions, inventory and unit profitability; 2) simplifying ordering new inventory and inventory maintenance; and 3) being synced with some third-party delivery platforms to help capture an outsize share of the mobile delivery revolution.

“Our recent efforts to become more of what our customers know and love have been enormously successful,” Hansen says.

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