Quiznos Latest Move Addressing Animal Welfare: Cage-Free Eggs

The Humane Society of the United States Welcomes QSR Chain’s Progress

Denver, CO (Jan. 7, 2016) – Quiznos, one of North America’s premier quick-service restaurant chains and pioneer of the toasted sub, today announced plans to phase in the exclusive use of
cage-free eggs throughout its supply chain. Under its new plan, Quiznos plans to complete the transition to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2025, with a goal of reaching that objective by 2022.

“Quiznos has been actively engaged in animal welfare initiatives for nearly a decade, and we’re pleased to announce this latest phase in that effort,” said Ron Lund, Quiznos Senior Vice  President of Marketing, International and IT. “Switching to cage-free eggs is the right thing for our company, customers and of course the animals.”

Quiznos move supports the current industry trend of shifting to cage-free egg products, an initiative McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Costco, and dozens more are also supporting.
Matthew Prescott, HSUS senior food policy director, said, “Quiznos has been a real leader in animal welfare for years. We welcome this newest step in Quiznos quest to improve conditions
on our nation’s farms.”

Denver‐based Quiznos is a chain designed for today’s busy consumers who are looking for a high
quality, tasty, freshly prepared alternative to traditional fast‐food restaurants. With locations
across the United States and 34 countries, Quiznos is one of the world’s premier quick‐service
restaurant chains and pioneer of the toasted sandwich; Quiznos restaurants offer creative, chef‐
created sandwiches and salads using premium ingredients. Quiznos was founded in 1981 by
chefs who discovered that toasting brought out the best in every sandwich ingredient. For more
information, please visit www.quiznos.com.

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