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Join the resurgent Quiznos sandwich franchise as it rapidly expands

Quiznos is excited to announce an aggressive development plan which will focus on our brand growing significantly in the coming years. Since our founding, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their full potential as franchise owners. Today, a Quiznos sandwich franchise is more affordable to own and easier to run than ever before. We’re actively seeking people who are passionate about our food and sharing that joy with their community to become a part of our growing franchise family.

Available territories and growth markets

After years of building brand loyalty, the question people frequently ask is “Where can I find a Quiznos?” Led by a visionary, franchisee-centric executive team, Quiznos is now poised to strategically grow in the U.S. and around the world. With more than 500 locations in North America and more than 200 internationally in 31 countries, Quiznos has the potential to thrive in major metropolitan areas, shopping malls, suburban communities, and non-traditional locations such as colleges, airports, hospitals and more. The U.S. and International markets are wide open.

Quiznos available markets - sandwich franchises

“Quiznos has a lot of growth opportunity in areas where locations already exist, as well as entirely new markets,” says Natalie Hansen, Senior Director of Development.

The markets available range from large metropolitan areas to medium-sized markets and smaller communities. Quiznos is actively targeting entrepreneurs in Denver, Des Moines, Las Vegas, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Phoenix, St. Louis and Wichita to open new Quiznos restaurants in these markets.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in buying an existing Quiznos restaurant, Quiznos has a number of immediate opportunities in several markets across the country. To learn more about these opportunities, fill out an application on this site and we will reach out to you shortly.

Quiznos competes in a thriving Quick Service Restaurant market that still has significant space to expand. We’re uniquely positioned to thrive in business or industrial districts where customers can choose our brand as their lunch choice every day of the week. These sites, boasting a large daytime population with lunchtime business traffic, do very well. We are also looking for sites where there are high traffic counts with guests looking for a Quick Service Restaurant dinner option.

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For the ambitious entrepreneur, Quiznos is an excellent choice for opening multiple locations in one select area. The only limitation to our reach is the level of your drive. Ideal locations have good visibility to street traffic, as well as easy access by foot or car.

Our Quick Service Restaurant concept works well in myriad spaces. You can purchase land and build your location from the ground up, you can lease property, you can purchase an existing building for conversion or you can build out an in-line or end cap restaurant. Our corporate team works closely with you during the site selection process to ensure the location meets our guidelines and will help set you up for success.

What does Quiznos require from a restaurant location?

Quiznos uses both state-of-the-art technology and old-school real estate savvy to evaluate which locations may be ideally suited to sustain the success of Quiznos restaurant over the long-term. On a basic level, here is how we determine what makes a good location:

  • Visibility: Is the location visible to drivers from the road? Is the location visible to pedestrians on the street?
  • Access: Is the location easy to drive in and out of? Is the location easy to get to on foot?
  • Multiple Traffic Generators: Is this location already popular with people in the community? Is the location near other points of interest?
  • Lunchtime Traffic: Is this location a popular destination for the lunchtime crowd?
  • Catering Opportunities: Is this location near other businesses and residences?

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