Why Our Menu Innovation is Important

Franchise continues to expand thanks to the millions of devoted Quiznos fans across the country

Being in business for more than 35 years affords Quiznos the luxury of knowing who our customers are and what they expect from us. In recent years, Quiznos has invested significantly in customer data, beginning with our mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. This data is important, as we can see firsthand what our most popular menu items are, we can survey our customers to learn what they would love to see on our menu, and we can track how much they crave our sandwiches by how often they visit one of our locations.

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We’ve learned quite a lot about our customers through this data, which has guided our executive team to remain on the cutting edge of food trends, to develop new flavor profiles, to embrace the rising popularity of ethnic foods and more. By doing so, we create a menu that is constantly evolving to meet the demand for both new and classic sandwiches alike.

“We’re extremely pleased with the success of our new mobile app and its ability to give us insight into our most loyal customers,” says Mark Lohmann, Chief Brand Officer with Quiznos. “Quiznos has tremendous brand equity, which after being so beloved by millions for more than 35 years is not surprising. Now, we get to complement this brand equity with real information about what our customers like and dislike, in order to develop a menu that both retains our loyal customers and captures more of the market. Our efforts have worked.”

Bold, innovative and creative flavors

Quiznos has a menu that is second to none in the sandwich industry. We offer more than 20 mouth-watering, chef-inspired toasted sandwiches. Some fan favorites are our Chicken Carbonara, Spicy Monterey, Classic Italian, Turkey Ranch & Swiss, Veggie Guacamole and more. All of these classic sandwiches are made with butcher-quality meats, high-quality cheeses and the freshest vegetables available on the market.

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The sandwich industry leader for bold, innovative flavors, Quiznos offers a classic menu, the result of years of ongoing expansion in order to continually enhance and improve our flavor profile. Beyond our menu, our innovation continues in our constantly rotating Limited Time Offerings (LTOs), which is where we really test our creativity and interact with trendy foods and new flavor profiles and try out new recipes to win over old and new customers alike.

Recently, we’ve offered a European-style Gyro, which is driving our customers wild. In the past, we’ve offered a line of artisanal Ciabatta Toasties, which introduced our fans to the delicious tastes of Turkey Pesto and Honey Dijon. Every year, we also feature our take on a sandwich featuring lobster, which gives our customers a luxurious treat at an unbeatable price point.

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