Quiznos Chef-Inspired Menu Attracts Fans Nationwide

Our menu is unmatched in the sandwich industry, and its bold and innovative flavors and high-quality classics keep fans coming back for more

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A classic menu that has attracted fans for more than three decades, plus creative offerings that spotlight the latest consumer dining trends make the perfect recipe for Quiznos toasted sub sandwich franchise to win over millions of fans.

Quiznos has taken the art of sandwich-making seriously for more than 35 years. Our chef-inspired sandwiches are made with only the highest-quality ingredients — butcher-quality meats, high-end all-natural cheeses, fresh vegetables and artisanal bread. We pioneered the toasted sandwich, and the result is a well-orchestrated sandwich where all the ingredients work together to create one perfect bite after another.

“The fact that our sandwiches are designed by chefs is a tremendous differentiator,” says Mike Gieseman, Director of Culinary and Innovation. “This is what we’ve been doing for more than 35 years, and this remains what the public wants: a sandwich or a salad that was designed to taste exceptional, with high-quality, artisanal ingredients, at a price that is affordable and with little to no wait. Our sandwiches are the reason behind our brand equity, and we are going to continue to innovate and expand our world-class menu to become more inclusive to more consumers over time.”

Quiznos’ menu sets us apart from the competition

At Quiznos we take our menu, and the data behind it, very seriously. Thanks to our mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, we have a wealth of customer data to analyze and help drive menu innovation. The result is Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) where we really showcase our creativity with trendier foods and flavor profiles. These chef-inspired trendier offerings, combined with our well-loved favorites, make up the strategy that has built our fan base tremendously.

“Quiznos has tremendous brand equity, which after being so beloved by millions for more than 35 years is not surprising,” says Mark Lohmann, Chief Brand Officer with Quiznos. “Now, we get to complement this brand equity with real information about what our customers like and dislike and develop a menu that both retains our loyal customers and captures more of the market. Our efforts have worked.”

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