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The Most Innovative Sub Franchise is Rapidly Growing

Quiznos is better than ever. Founded in 1981, Quiznos is the most innovative sub franchise in history, with millions of fans across the country and an overwhelming level of brand loyalty. Today, we’re doubling on our legacy of innovation by dialing it up to 11.

With a new restaurant model that allows Quiznos to take our menu to where it’s never been before, while also elevating the guest experience by focusing on fast, fresh service and omnichannel delivery, Quiznos is focused on driving profitability for franchise owners and leading the rest of the $20 billion sub franchise category.

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Award-Winning Franchise

turning innovation up to 11
the future of subs begins at quiznos
the original toasted subs est 1981
millions of fans love quiznos

The Future of Quiznos Is Here

Revolutionary New Business Model

Nearly 35 years after Quiznos redefined how Americans enjoy sandwiches by pioneering the toasty sub, Quiznos is at it again.

Quiznos recently launched a revolutionary new restaurant design that is unlike anything else in the sub category. Our new freestanding model is prefabricated and modular, meaning that the construction process can be completed in a matter of days and because it is modular, our restaurants can be placed anywhere. By focusing on an innovative meny and adding a lightning-quick drive-thru experience and omnichannel delivery, Quiznos is meeting consumers where they are today and where they will be tomorrow.

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Quiznos Path to Profitability

Franchisee and staff

Unique Approach to Construction

Quiznos’ revolutionary new business model is a prefabricated, modular unit that can be assembled and open in a matter of weeks! Because it can be placed anywhere and requires a small footprint, we can secure high-visibility locations without the burden of high-rent.

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Innovative Menu Meets High-Efficiency

Quiznos is the brand that invented the toasted sub, and we’re getting back to our innovative roots by rolling out a menu unlike anything else in the sub category. With new equipment, such as deep fryers, we can offer items the rest can’t - all while being faster and tastier, too!

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Compelling Speed of Service

Quiznos’ new business model is all about speed and convenience. We can make anything on our menu in a matter of minutes, and by offering in-person dining, drive-thru service, and omni-channel delivery, we get to meet our customers exactly where they are!

Pushing Boundaries since 1981

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*For more information on the costs & fees associated with owning a Quiznos franchise, please review item 7 from our most recent franchise disclosure document.

Where Are We Growing?

Quiznos is on the move. Opportunities to scale everywhere.

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