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Answers to Quiznos franchise FAQs

What is a Quiznos franchise?

Quiznos is an iconic sub franchise founded in 1981. With millions of fans across the country and around the world, Quiznos boasts incredible brand recognition and brand loyalty. By pioneering the toasty sub, and revolutionizing how we eat sandwiches, Quiznos remains a true innovator that is always way ahead of the curve nearly 35 years later. In 2023, Quiznos is owned by Rego Restaurant Group, a leadership team with deep franchise experience that is committed to growth, continued innovation, and supporting profitability for franchise owners.

How much does it cost?

The total costs to invest in a Quiznos franchise ranges from $216,100 to $500,000. These costs include franchise and support fees of $30,000, which is one of the lowest in the QSR sub franchise category. The total costs also include everything you need to open your business including build-out, equipment, inventory, grand opening marketing, working capital and more.

How much is the franchise fee?

The franchise and support fees to open a new Quiznos is $30,000. The initial fee gives you access to our world-class training & support infrastructure, continued investment in new technology, continued menu innovation, and much, much more.

How much is the ongoing royalty fee?

For a limited time, the ongoing royalty is 1% of gross sales. Conditions apply for this low royalty.  Please fill out the form to discuss in greater detail.

How much is the ongoing marketing fee?

The marketing fee is 2% of gross sales.

Do you provide training & support?

Yes! When you franchise with Quiznos, you’re joining a brand that has your back every step of the way. For up to 2 people (travel costs not included) we offer several weeks of in-person training at an open Quiznos restaurant. Here you learn how to master every aspect of the business model, from creating our sandwiches to managing inventory, using our POS system, interacting with customers, leading a team, and much more. On an ongoing basis, we provide help with everything from marketing, menu innovation, and professional development, so that you can become the entrepreneur you always knew you could be.

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