Quiznos Sandwich Franchise Locations Ahead of the Curve on Third-Party Delivery

Iconic sandwich franchise brand leads the way in name recognition and investing in technology to capitalize on changing consumer habits

Growing smart is part of the long-term strategy for the Quiznos sandwich franchise executive team, and that includes investing in the technology needed to capture a considerable share of the booming mobile-delivery business as more consumers opt to order meals from the convenience of their phone.

sandwich franchise quiznos restaurant kiosk is shown with menu in image

While other franchise systems in the $21 billion sub and sandwich industry seem to struggle with mobilizing the technology needed to capture a significant share of the rapidly growing third-party delivery market, Quiznos has a built-in feature on our new state-of-the-art POS system to make third-party delivery an easy way to earn additional revenue.

“As a brand we are stronger than ever, and as a franchisor we have more tools than ever before to help our franchisees launch their new businesses, as well as to ensure that they have everything they need to become top performing franchisees over the long-term,” says Patrick Hilton, Executive Vice President Operations North America. 

With more than 750 locations around the world, Quiznos is focusing on a national expansion campaign to grow by hundreds of locations in the coming years. 

Quiznos leverages new technologies to meet growing demand

Quiznos’ new point of sale, or POS, system has several built-in features to help franchisees meet changing consumer habits. For instance, catering is an important revenue stream for Quiznos’ top-performing franchisees and grows depending on how much and how effectively it is marketed. Through the POS system, owners can easily track catering orders, incentivizing them to grow their catering business in their local communities. 

Our POS system also has our loyalty program built in, giving franchise owners real-time data on who their customers are, what they like to order and how often they come in for a sandwich. Another big part of our new POS system is managing food costs and inventory, which has never been easier than it is now. We’re going to continue to leverage new technologies on behalf of our franchisees going forward so that we can continue to be at the forefront of consumer demand.

“Quiznos does an excellent job in providing you with the tools needed to be successful, and they help you grow as a leader in your business. There’s no question that the future of my business, as well as the future for the entire Quiznos brand, is especially bright,” says British Columbia franchisee Dave Gill.

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