Quiznos Toasted Sub Franchise Emphasizes Profitability with ‘New Deal’

Iconic sub sandwich franchise greatly reduces ongoing royalty rates to increase profitability for franchise owners

Quiznos, the iconic sandwich franchise with millions of fans and more than 800 locations throughout the country, is offering franchisees a “New Deal” to help increase profitability and reduce the ongoing costs of owning a business.

The New Deal makes owning a Quiznos more affordable than ever before. The leadership team reduced the franchise fee to $10,000 while also lowering ongoing royalty fees from 7% to 5% and the ongoing national advertising fee from 4% to 2%. These are far and away the most generous rates among sub sandwich franchise concepts.

“Our New Deal is an industry-leading decision to reinvest in the long-term success of our franchisees,” says Patrick Hilton, Executive Vice President, Operations and Development, North America with Quiznos. “As a result, it makes us truly competitive in the crowded sandwich market, with ongoing fees reduced to an industry low. And it gives our franchisees the funds needed to market effectively in their communities.”

The motivation for reducing the ongoing costs of owning a Quiznos franchise was to reduce the barriers to ownership. If owning an iconic, beloved business is more affordable, more entrepreneurs can realize their own dreams of owning a Quiznos franchise.

“We’re not interested in collecting fees from our franchisees, we’re interested in building a relationship and providing the mentoring, training and education to empower our franchisees to become successful,” Hilton says. “We’re not focusing on hyper-growth, we’re focusing on growing smart. We’re focusing on finding the entrepreneurs who are passionate about our brand and have the drive to succeed to open Quiznos in their communities.”

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New Deal makes it easier for you to open a Quiznos

When you think of toasted subs, who else do you think of but Quiznos? It turns out, Americans feel the same way. Quiznos is the leader in brand recognition and awareness in the booming sandwich industry. According to our internal surveys, an impressive 90% of U.S. consumers are aware of the Quiznos brand, and an astonishing 70% have enjoyed one of our sandwiches — making us one of the most recognizable sandwich brands in the $21 billion sandwich industry. We have engaged fans as well, with more than 1 million Facebook followers, millions of email subscribers and tens of thousands of Twitter followers, plus nearly 500,000 Toasty Points loyalty and online ordering app downloads.

We have modernized our business model and lowered the barriers to franchise ownership, as well as unveiled a new restaurant design that includes a dedicated spot for picking up online and mobile app orders and features seating near wall outlets so busy customers can have a place to plug in while they enjoy their meal or wait to pick it up. We also continually roll out new menu items, optimizing our classic menu as well as our constantly rotating Limited Time Offerings (LTOs), which is where we unleash our creative juices and try out new recipes and flavor profiles.

“There has never been a better time to open a Quiznos,” says Gerry Lopez, Executive Chairman and CEO. “Our product has always been exceptional. Our perfectly toasted, chef-inspired sandwiches are loved by millions of people across the country. Now we have the right team in place to take our brand to the next level. Our main goal is to help our franchisees thrive, and we’ve made significant investments to improve our business model and increase profitability for our franchisees. This leadership team is franchisee-centric at its core.”

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