Flexible Floor Plans Make Our QSR Franchise Better

Entrepreneurs with experience in the food and beverage industry are looking for quick-service restaurant (QSR) opportunities that are poised for growth, both now and in the future. If you fit into this category of investor, ask yourself what’s more important for your next opportunity: A QSR franchise with a great drive-thru and online ordering capabilities or a sit-down QSR? At Quiznos, we think the answer in most cases is obvious.

That said, we understand that you are an experienced QSR franchise owner with deep experience in your local market. This is why we have flexible floor plan choices that are geared to providing you with a best-in-class menu and ordering experience with floor plan options that can help to maximize your bottom line. When you reach out to us, you’ll find that the opportunity for superior unit economics is just the beginning: Our prefabricated, drive-thru Qube option has the additional, potential advantages of not only much lower startup costs and tax advantages but the ability to open much sooner, sometimes within weeks, and the potential to set down your new location almost anywhere.

The Quiznos brand is engineering a growth rebound through the innovation we’ve always been known for, combined with a new attitude dedicated to franchisee success under new franchisor ownership. While others have stubbornly persisted with what used to work, our changes have gone beyond just the Quiznos menu to also include our customer experience, business operations, and unit economics. Our franchisees are among the chief beneficiaries of these changes, as they stand to maximize the growth and profit potential of each of their Quiznos franchises.

The Modern Quiznos Store Design

Even after bringing the toasted sub to prominence, the Quiznos team has not stopped pushing for new ways to stand out from the crowd of brands in the sub shop industry. Our new store design brings in flat-top grills and deep fryers so that Quiznos can offer freshly prepared meat subs and fried items alongside the toasted subs that our customers love eating from Quiznos. This includes late-night and limited-time offerings that motivate our customers to order from their nearest Quiznos location, inspiring even greater brand loyalty.

Beyond the expanded menu capabilities, the floor plans also better streamline the business operations of our franchisees, making them more efficient. Our QSR franchise opportunities allow for a better level of service than what consumers can expect from most other sandwich makers in the industry. We’ve also fully embraced adding drive-thru capabilities and third-party delivery services so that Quiznos franchisees can maximize their order-taking abilities and generate further revenue that they could otherwise miss out on.

Flexible New Restaurant Build Out

When evaluating a QSR franchise for sale, the unit economics (rightfully) play a significant factor in the decision-making of each entrepreneur. At Quiznos, we offer our franchisees a traditional (bricks and mortar) building, and to leverage our innovative heritage, we now offer a “Qube” prefabricated, drive-thru model that provides attractive unit economic potential to our franchisees. With a Qube location, franchisees can:

  • Open for business on a quicker timeline
  • Pay lower startup costs compared to the industry standard
  • Have more flexibility in site selection, staffing, and drive-thru services

Evolving to offer the Qube model as an additional option to the traditional brick-and-mortar floor plan is just another example of the flexibility that makes Quiznos the best QSR franchise to own.

For entrepreneurs in search of a QSR franchise in the sub shop industry that can offer one of the best returns on investment, one with flexible floor plans like Quiznos will be at the top of their list. With great customer affinity, brand awareness, and crowd-pleasing menu items, Quiznos has the ingredients needed to enter new markets and stand out in the popular QSR industry.

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