Four Reasons Why You Should Own a Quiznos Franchise

As an entrepreneur, you are probably aware of what it takes to own and operate a successful business venture to some degree. Opening a new business can be challenging, especially if you are following a traditional small business model or in an industry where the competition can be too difficult to overcome. By choosing to franchise instead, you’ll gain access to an established brand and all its built-in advantages and strengths that can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. With the Quiznos franchise model, you’ll benefit greatly from strong brand awareness in a growing industry where other newcomers find it difficult to gain solid footing.

Throughout Quiznos’ decorated history as a sub sandwich shop brand, innovation has been the name of the game. Our fresh ingredients and hand-made, toasted subs quickly won over consumers in communities across the US as we quickly rose to the top of the industry. Today, we’re bringing that same innovative mindset to the franchising opportunity that we offer entrepreneurs. By supporting you with the necessary resources that most individuals struggle to acquire for themselves as a “one-man sub shop,” we demonstrate our dedication to proving that Quiznos is the right sub sandwich franchisor to start your next great business venture with.

1.  Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Quiznos is a brand that customers know and love. Founded in 1981, we have enjoyed high brand awareness and affinity at a national level for 20 years. With the experience that Quiznos offers at each of our locations, consumers’ sense of brand loyalty has been a constant for decades. Patrons don’t just love Quiznos for our overall menu selection but trust our stores to make their favorite subs time and time again. This speaks to how well the Quiznos team enables our franchisees to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Our commitment to delivering the best meal possible through our franchise stores is part of what has made the Quiznos menu a top choice among consumers in the sub and sandwich market

2.  Real Estate Floor Plan

At Quiznos, we know that the “one size fits all” approach to franchising is a thing of the past – and we understand that better than any other franchisor in the subs and sandwich market. This mindset drove us to design our prefabricated, drive-thru model, which can provide quicker startup times, greater flexibility in site selection, and lower initial costs for Quiznos franchisees.

Our kitchen equipment package include space for flat-top grills, deep fryers, our famous sub toasters, and other essential equipment that allows Quiznos franchisees to create better-tasting, unique menu items that include freshly prepared hot meat subs and french fries, which few others in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry are capable of offering. We strongly recommend drive-thru service for most new franchise locations – and again, our prefabricated “Qube” option provides a strong economic model that maximizes speed of service with less square footage required to operate. Along with our omnichannel delivery, this elevates the customer experience at your Quiznos locations and can help generate the highest return on investment possible for you as our franchise partner.

3.  Unit Economics to Fuel Growth Potential

While these are all certainly positive factors, you are likely wondering about the Quiznos franchise cost. Fortunately, our model, built upon unit economic potential, puts franchisees like you in a fantastic position to generate revenue and grow quickly throughout your territory. Our traditional and prefabricated, drive-thru Qubes franchise models offer different operational setups and investment requirements that can best fit your capabilities and franchising goals. We firmly believe that this flexibility will prove invaluable as you look to hit the ground running with your new businesses.

4.  Franchisor Support

Quiznos is a popular name in the subs market with customers in many different territories, in large part due to how dedicated we are to supporting the operations of our franchisees. We do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Our in-house supply chain, which helps you manage inventory so your locations can fulfill orders from customers that leave them satisfied and excited to return for their next meal.
  • Ongoing marketing campaigns and limited-time promotions, which form connections with local consumers and keep your franchise stores at the top of their minds.
  • Our franchise development team, which provides coaching and mentorship to assist you in achieving your entrepreneurial goals through the growth and success of your Quiznos locations.

If you still find yourself asking, “What are Quiznos’ obligations to its franchisees?” check out the training and support page on our website, and reach out to us.

When it comes to the sub industry, few other options can compete with the advantages of owning a Quiznos franchise. With the strength of our brand and the support we provide behind you, franchising with Quiznos can prove to be a business decision you can consider to be one of the best you have ever made.

Want to learn more about what franchising with Quiznos is like? Reach out to us today and we’ll take the time to discuss life as a Quiznos franchisee!

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