Marketing Tools Play a Huge Role in Quiznos’ Franchisee Success

World-class digital tools and resources help owners meet changing needs of today’s mobile-savvy customer

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Just like Quiznos subs are the perfect combination of hot and toasty bread, delicious meats and perfectly paired toppings, Quiznos marketing is a strategic blend of local targeted marketing and robust digital tools that builds brand equity and customer loyalty.

Our world-class marketing resources include a state-of-the-art QMark online marketing system with customizable tools designed to reach and engage local customers. Additionally, our 4-star Toasty Points app provides franchisees with access to incredibly beneficial real-time data through a dashboard — guest information, reviews of their specific location and the ability to create a custom marketing plan specific to their store’s Toasty Points members.

Quiznos’ state-of-the-art POS matches modern digital marketing

In addition to its full suite of robust digital marketing resources, Quiznos also is ahead of the curve with a state-of-the-art and fully integrated Point of Sale system. That serves as a marketing support as well, keeping owners connected with their most engaged customers. Loyalty and ordering integration are part of the POS so you and your support team can track customer trends and send offers to customers based on their favorite orders.

Quiznos also is capturing a significant share of the rapidly growing third-party delivery market with a built-in feature on our POS systems to make third-party delivery an easy way for franchisees to earn additional revenue.

“As a brand, we are stronger than ever, and as a franchisor, we have more tools than ever before to help our franchisees launch their new businesses, as well as to ensure that they have everything they need to become top performing franchisees over the long-term,” says Natalie Hansen, Senior Director of Development.

Franchise owners value engaged leadership team

“Quiznos is a great investment opportunity. It’s an established brand with millions of fans across the country, which makes getting started much easier than opening a business on your own. Your community already craves your food before you open your doors, and one of the biggest positives in being a franchise owner is how you really get to know your community,” says Quiznos franchisee Kristy Reopelle of Tacoma, Wash. “The leadership is entirely focused on supporting its franchisees. You never feel alone in your business because you aren’t alone in your business. It’s a big franchise that feels like a small town.”

With more than 750 locations around the world, Quiznos is focusing on a national expansion campaign; the plan is to grow by hundreds of locations in the coming years. We are actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs who have a passion for our brand, a love for their communities and the ability to follow our proven business model to join our franchise family.

Learn more about a Quiznos franchise

For in-depth details about the Quiznos franchise opportunity, request our free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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