Quiznos Restaurant Types and Layouts

We offer franchise models beyond our traditional stores to meet a growing demand in expanding markets

At Quiznos we have expanded beyond the original store model to meet the growing need for consumers and growing demand for our restaurants in areas beyond our core footprint. To set up franchisees for rapid growth, we’ve designed a modern new store that appeals to a broad customer base looking for inspired convenience. This new design instantly enhances our brand position in the market and ensures you an inviting environment in which to grow your business.

Our traditional store franchises are the foundation of our brand, but Quiznos embraces innovation and we have modified our original design to meet different geographic footprints and consumer needs. Because of this flexibility, we are expanding further around Denver, Colorado, the East Coast, internationally, and everywhere in between. We assist our future franchisees in site selection to determine a suitable site for all our restaurants.

Quiznos offers three models: traditional, non-traditional, and convenience store (C-Store) models ideally placed in areas with heavy automobile or foot daytime traffic. For each option, we work closely with franchisees on site selection and can also ascertain whether a conversion of an existing retail space makes sense for a particular area.

Quiznos Sub Shop Franchise Traditional Model

Quiznos Business Models - Quiznos Franchise - sub shop franchise
Our original traditional model is the core of our business. This standard store or new build layout typically ranges from 1,200 to 1,600 square feet. We can also build down to 1,000 square feet and up to 1,800 square feet to comfortably meet customer needs. Seating in a traditional store model, which is well suited for a strip mall with other stores and close to areas of heavy automobile or foot traffic, usually handles 20+ guests, with an option of outdoor seating. Our guests enjoy the ease of parking or walking to these locations, and being served a high-quality, quickly served meal where they can sit down and enjoy it.

Quiznos Non-Traditional Model

Quiznos franchise alternative design

When it comes to non-traditional franchise opportunities with Quiznos, there are many location options to choose from, but our well-loved brand and functionality in smaller spaces make us a natural fit in nontraditional spots. Airport locations, truck stops, travel centers, business centers, and college campuses are some of the shining stars in the non-traditional model.

Millions of travelers walk through airports every year, with an hour or more long layovers. Travelers spend millions on food and drinks in airports. Since our high-quality food is produced at a quick rate, airports and our other non-traditional models are a great option.  Today, guests demand high levels of quality no matter the format, and Quiznos can adhere to the same level of expectation in a non-traditional location. The other advantage is peak times and volumes may be dramatically different than at traditional restaurants and experience high traffic during more hours of the day.

Quiznos Convenience Store (C-Store) Model

Quiznos Restaurant Models - Quiznos Franchise
For areas with busier on-the-go customers and where a traditional model is not possible, Quiznos 24/7 convenience stores (C-Stores) locations are an opportunity to capture sales from customers stopping in for their morning coffee or a quick breakfast bite to take along with them. The average size of the store ranges from 800 square feet to 900 square feet, with specific requirements for the front and back areas.

Quiznos’ C-Store menu is flexible, depending on space and equipment, and was developed based on consumer and partner feedback. It focuses on all dayparts, which is critical in the 24/7 space. Convenience stores are able to feature either the full menu, like a traditional location, or a modified menu that is a bit more limited such as cinnamon rolls and biscuit-and-egg sandwiches to capture sales from customers who stop in for their morning coffee.

Increasing its presence at convenience stores enables the company to exist in places that normally wouldn’t support a traditional Quiznos, like service plazas, truck stops, travel centers, and busy urban areas.

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