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Join the sandwich franchise that will help your business win the hearts of your local community

To thrive as a Quiznos owner, you have to engage your neighborhood customers with targeted, local advertising. We believe your Quiznos operation should be an active part of the local community, and over 35 years of experience tells us that community connection plays a huge role in your success.

Quiznos Subs Franchise Support - Quiznos Toasted Subs Marketing

Just as Quiznos subs are the perfect combination of hot and toasty bread, delicious meats, and perfectly paired toppings, Quiznos marketing is the hottest combination of a local marketing focus with a nationwide digital presence.

Here’s a quick overview of our world-class marketing resources, all created to take advantage of the high-energy Quiznos brand image to help you succeed!

Manage local marketing with confidence!

You have access to a bounty of tools to best promote your Quiznos locations. With our state-of-the-art QMark online marketing system, in just a few clicks, you’ll discover dynamic and customizable marketing tools all designed to empower you to strongly sell to your local community.

Quiznos franchise marketing Support - Quiznos Toasted Subs

This easy-to-use website lets you customize and tailor marketing materials to your location. You can either download a PDF to print locally or have marketing materials printed and shipped directly to you. Our Denver-based team backs your local efforts with marketing at the store level to build the Quiznos brand while engaging and thrilling hungry customers. QMark includes more than 200 pieces of customizable marketing collateral, including yard signs, window posters, menus, handouts, direct mail pieces; step-by-step outlines of local store marketing initiatives for you to execute right away to build business, including programs related to sampling, business-to-business sales, customer appreciation day, community events and more; Quiznos logos and product images; plus radio scripts tailored for each new product release.

Franchises also have access to:

  • Online ordering and delivery fully integrated with our loyalty app, in-store Point of Sale, desktop and mobile sites.
  • Broad social media strategy and engagement.
  • Best-in-class SEO (search engine optimization) and dynamically generated local landing pages.
  • Custom marketing pieces.
  • Menu team dedicated to researching, testing and developing new recipes to WOW your customers.

Our local fan base 4 walls, 4 blocks, 4 miles – that’s where Quiznos marketing gets local!

We’ve learned to focus our local marketing efforts within your 4 walls, your 4 neighborhood blocks and the 4 miles of hungry locals that surround your location.

In addition to QMark, we offer a wealth of additional local marketing opportunities, including:

  • Local events that drive new customers to your store, including Customer Appreciation Days and other local community event support.
  • Local Facebook landing pages – We automatically create content for your local page, and you can post on it yourself to advertise local events.
  • Toasty Points Loyalty App – Reach your customers easily by pushing local offers directly to your local database of loyalty app users.
  • Location data synced with 1,000 third-party websites: Your store data is shared with third parties such as Google, so when a customer searches for “Quiznos,” they easily find your store location.
  • Local digital advertising – We find you the best customers near your store with the most effective tools, including geo-targeted search and advertising, YouTube advertising, promoted Facebook posts,  Instagram advertising, and Twitter advertising.
  • Local search engine optimization (SEO) aimed to rank your site on search engines such as Google and business directories such as Yelp.

Quiznos franchise marketing infographic showing social followers

4-Star App + 500,000 Downloads = Instant & Ongoing Engagement

Today’s customers expect convenience and crave a connected, rewarding loyalty program. Quiznos integrated loyalty and online ordering app provides the convenience your customers demand and the rewards that keep them coming back for more toasty goodness! Our 4-star Quiznos Toasty Points app, available for free for all mobile devices, has been downloaded over half a million times!

As a franchise owner, you use a real-time dashboard to discover:

  • Total purchases and average spending by loyalty customers.
  • Reward redemptions.
  • Guest info – unique guests, average visits, repeat guests and new guests.
  • See reviews for your location.
  • Plus, the app allows you to create a custom marketing plan specific to your store’s Toasty Points members!

Quiznos gets social!

Baffled at the thought of managing social media? Don’t worry – our corporate marketing team truly gets social and has the numbers to prove it!

Quiznos customers are active, vocal and always looking for their next hot and toasty sub. We can boast over 1 million Facebook followers, millions of email subscribers and tens of thousands of Twitter followers, plus nearly 500k Toasty Points loyalty and online ordering app downloads.

No need for social anxiety as a franchise owner –our corporate marketing gurus have it covered, delivering you engaged and satisfied customers. And month-by-month, Quiznos edges out the competition with the most engaged sub-lovers around!

Modern digital marketing with a cutting-edge POS to match

Quiznos digital marketing comes full circle with our state-of-the-art and fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) system.We keep you constantly connected to your most engaged customers while boosting business.  Online ordering in the app itself lets you handle more orders, increases check average by giving customers more time to make decisions and improves ordering accuracy, all while rewarding customers for repeat purchases.

  • Mobile Pay through the app – Mobile pay (integrated with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay) speeds up payment time and lets customers earn valuable rewards, which ultimately drives overall sales volume.
  • Loyalty and ordering integration with your POS so you and your support team can track customer trends and send offers to customers based on what they typically order.
  • Complete with a full suite of tools to help you to best run your business, including labor and inventory reports.

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