Quiznos Franchise Owner Testimonials

Our sandwich franchise owners open up about what they love about their businesses

Quiznos is exceptionally lucky to have such a talented, diverse and passionate network of franchisees. While all of our franchisees come from unique professional backgrounds, what unites them is their passion and drive to share their love for our food with their communities. As a franchise that’s been around for over 35 years, we are proud to report that we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a sandwich franchise where they live, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of our brand as we continue to grow across the country.

Franchisee Profile: Adam Sinnard

Franchisee Profile: Dilip Tanna

Here is what our franchise owners have to say about why they love Quiznos:

“Quiznos is a great investment opportunity. It’s an established brand with millions of fans across the country, which makes getting established much easier than opening a business on your own. Your community already craves your food before you open your doors, and one of the biggest positives in being a franchise owner is how you really get to know your community. You build lasting relationships with your customers. Now is also a great time to invest because this leadership is entirely focused on supporting its franchisees. You never feel alone in your business because you aren’t alone in your business. It’s a big franchise that feels like a small town.”

– Kristy Reopelle, Tacoma, Washington

“Being a part of Quiznos is a life-changing opportunity for a community-minded person. We’re lucky to be successful because we’re able to give back to our community, our schools, churches, and philanthropic organizations. My franchisee peers are very driven to go out and find ways to engage their communities, and they are just as supportive with each other. This is a very close-knit franchise network, where rather than competing with your peers, you can always call on them to help you.  I am always available for other franchisees, and it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of this business.”

– Terry Lalosh, Bradenton, Florida

“What sets Quiznos apart? It’s the quality of the food. You can tell the difference when you eat it. We use high-quality meat, real cheese, and artisanal bread. We don’t use anything processed. When you see a chicken in our restaurant, it’s not a formed chicken, it’s a real chicken! Everything is really fresh and high quality.  The important thing about being a franchisee is dedication and time. Quiznos does an excellent job in providing you with the tools needed to be successful, and they help you grow as a leader in your business. There’s no question that the future of my business, as well as the future for the entire Quiznos brand, is especially bright.”

– Dave Gill, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Owning a Quiznos franchise has completely changed the life of my entire family. Not only does it provide a great living, my restaurant has become a meaningful part of the community. I have several customers who have been coming to my restaurant for over a decade. Everywhere I go in my community, people know me – once, I vacationed in Mexico, and people from my community were there, shouting their order to me on the beach. ‘Hey, I’ll have a Chicken Carbonara!’ I wouldn’t have it any other way. Owning a Quiznos is a rewarding, life-changing decision that I would make again in a heartbeat.”

– Tori  Looker-Farrell, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

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