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Quiznos franchise is actively seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for our brand to join our growing franchise family

When you walk into Adam Sinnard’s Quiznos location outside of Denver, you will be greeted by one of the most outgoing personalities in all of franchising. His love for our food, his customers, and his crew is genuine and his energy is infectious.

Sinnard’s love for Quiznos began in high school and continues to this day as he currently owns three Quiznos franchise restaurants in the area surrounding Denver. His enthusiasm isn’t a fleeting thing, but something he works at constantly. He markets incessantly in the communities where his Quiznos restaurants are, including going to local businesses to grow his catering business. His efforts have paid off, as Sinnard is not only one of our top-performing franchisees, his passion for the Quiznos brand exemplifies the kind of personality needed to become successful in the sandwich business.

“I wake up every day really excited by the fact that I get to share Quiznos with so many people,” he says. “The corporate leadership is the best we’ve ever had, and they continually find ways to support us, encourage us, and help us grow. I’m on my third restaurant, and I’m looking to open another in 2018. It’s really the food that makes me so passionate. There’s just no other sandwich franchise that offers the level of quality, the chef-inspired recipes and the ability to have something deliciously toasted that Quiznos offers. I’m absolutely in love with our food. I love my team, and I love my customers. It’s incredibly rewarding to wake up and do something that I’m passionate about every single day.”

Local marketing and the drive to be engaged with your community is essential to your success

The type of outgoing personality that Sinnard personifies above is the essential quality needed to excel with the Quiznos brand. While we don’t require previous restaurant experience, we do require that our franchisees are passionate about the Quiznos brand and more importantly, sharing their passion for our food with our community.

Quiznos franchise owner smiling in his restaurant

This is intentional. People who spend money on restaurants want to patronize a place that makes them feel good, makes them feel welcome and where the energy from the crew is contagious, inviting and fun. As an owner, being a visible presence in your community is going to make your restaurant feel like the local restaurant that it is, helping you to grow sales as you get to know more and more of the people who live and work nearby.

“We are extremely focused on finding entrepreneurs with the drive to be a meaningful part of their communities,” says Mark Lohmann, Chief Brand Officer for Quizno’s.

“We know that the success of our franchisees is essential to the success of the Quiznos brand overall. Because of this, we have developed an intensive local marketing approach, which requires our franchisees to build relationships with their customers and their local small business community. Not only does this approach drive more customers to your restaurant, it grows both your catering segment and your third-party delivery segment as well.”

Quiznos is a great opportunity for U.S. Veterans

Military veterans are uniquely qualified to franchise with Quiznos, as they have a proven ability to follow systems, procedures, and processes necessary to make any venture successful. Quiznos runs on systems. Implementing systems and following procedures with the precision emphasized in military training can lead to success in franchising.

If you’re a veteran looking for an exciting opportunity with the potential to utilize your skill-set and leadership skills, fill out the application form on this website and begin a conversation. We can’t wait to speak with you!

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