Why Own a Quiznos Franchise?

Quiznos is one of the most well-known sandwich brands

Have you ever walked into a room where everyone knows your name? For Quiznos franchisees, this is a daily experience. Since 1981, Quiznos has won over millions of devoted sandwich lovers who cannot wait to get their hands on one of our toasty subs. This puts our brand equity far beyond our competition, as Quiznos continues to enjoy widespread popularity and brand recognition that continues to grow after close to four decades in business. Our brand equity will help the profit potential of our restaurants starting at your Grand Opening celebration.

Quiznos franchise opportunity

The true reason behind our outstanding brand equity is our exceptional food, and let’s face it, it’s the reason why you’re interested in investing in a Quiznos franchise. What makes our food so special? Our secret lies in the fact that while our competitors file their customers down a cafeteria line, charging for a sandwich the customer could have made at home, Quiznos sandwiches are created by actual chefs who design recipes and create flavor profiles that are complex, unique and irresistible.

“The fact that our sandwiches are designed by chefs is a tremendous differentiator,” says Tim Casey, President and CEO  of Quiznos. “This is what we’ve been doing for more than 35 years, and this remains what the public wants: a sandwich or a salad that was designed to taste exceptional, with high-quality, artisanal ingredients, at a price that is affordable and with little to no wait. Our sandwiches are the reason behind our brand equity, and we are going to continue to innovate and expand our world-class menu to become more inclusive to more consumers over time.”

Quiznos franchise opportunity - sub shop franchise

Visit a Quiznos restaurant and you’ll see immediately how much we stand apart from our competition. Our menu features an array of more than 20 designed sandwiches that are beloved across the country.

Seconds after your order is taken, we begin preparing your sandwich. Our meats & cheeses are sliced fresh daily so we can prepare each sandwich exactly the way our chefs designed it. We then toast the sandwich to heighten the flavor of the ingredients to perfectly meld with our artisanal bread. Our customers get all of this at an extremely affordable price and for an average wait time of three to five minutes.

This is not to say that Quiznos frowns upon customization. While we take pride in how our sandwiches taste, we give our customers the opportunity to enhance their sandwiches by allowing the freedom to add sauces and toppings at our self-serve Flavor Station.

“Our recent efforts to become more of what our customers know and love have been enormously successful,” says Natalie Hansen, Senior Director of Development with Quiznos. “The in-store experience has been significantly enhanced by our new restaurant design. Our new look and feel is chic, ultra-modern and seems much larger than our average 1,200 square foot layout. This makes the investment more affordable for franchisees, as well as improves the overall customer experience, increasing the frequency of a customer’s visit.”

We’re growing, and we’re growing smart

In order to capitalize on our outstanding brand equity, our new leadership team is intent on growing our brand smartly and effectively across the nation. To do this, Quiznos first had to modernize its business model and lower the barriers to entry. We also invested in the tools that will help increase franchisees’ profitability levels.

Quiznos has never been more affordable to own than it is today. In 2016, our executive team solidified the “New Deal,” which not only reduced the franchise fee to $10,000, but it also lowered the ongoing costs of royalty fees from 7% to 5% and our ongoing national advertising fee from 4% to 2%. Importantly, the reduction in fees did not come at the expense of support that we provide to our franchisees, which is one of the most robust in the entire franchise industry. This agreement has the added benefit of helping to increase the ongoing profit-potential of Quiznos restaurants, as the savings on royalty and advertising fees translate into real dollars for our franchisees to invest in their businesses. As we expand across the country, Quiznos is looking for entrepreneurs who are passionate about our brand and our food and have the drive to share that passion with their communities.

Our executive team is committed to supplying our franchisees with new technology to improve every aspect of their businesses. Most recently, we supplied our franchisees with a new point-of-sale (POS) system that has several key functions: 1) providing  analytics on sales, effectiveness of promotions, inventory and unit profitability; 2) simplifying ordering new inventory and inventory maintenance; and 3) being synced with some third-party delivery platforms to help capture an outsize share of the mobile delivery revolution.

“Our New Deal is an industry-leading decision to reinvest in the long-term success of our franchisees,” says Tim Casey, President and CEO  of Quiznos. “As a result, it makes us truly competitive in the crowded sandwich market, with ongoing fees reduced to an industry low, and it gives our franchisees the funds needed to market effectively in their communities. We’re not interested in collecting fees from our franchisees, we’re interested in building a relationship and providing the mentoring, training and education to empower our franchisees to become successful. We’re not focusing on hyper-growth, we’re focusing on growing smart. We’re focusing on finding the entrepreneurs who are passionate about our brand and a drive to succeed to open Quiznos in their communities.”

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