How Does Quiznos Stand Out from the Competition?

Quiznos enjoys overwhelming brand equity and the most craveable, toasty sandwiches in the industry

The sub and sandwich industry has grown at a tremendous rate over the last few years, with an annual revenue of $21 billion, according to IBIS World(1). The rapid growth is easily explained when we learn just how much Americans love sandwiches. The Smithsonian magazine reports that 50 percent of Americans eat a sandwich every day(2), and QSR magazine states that 70 percent of Americans eat sandwiches at least twice a week(3). Overwhelmingly, Americans prefer the type of sandwiches Quiznos excels at making, as QSR reports that 64 percent of consumers crave the sub more than any other sandwich(4).

As the sandwich industry continues to grow, more and more brands are chasing after the same customer demographic at exactly the same time: lunch diners. A recent survey conducted by Accounting Principles revealed that Americans spend $2,000 annually, or about $37 a week, on lunch(5). Even more importantly, the growing third-party delivery boom, brought by brands like Uber Eats, Postmates, and others, is expected to cause a tremendous shift in the way Americans consume their food going forward. The Atlantic reports in an article called, “The Paradox of American Restaurants,” that “more people are ‘ordering in,’ and eating restaurant food on their own tables, desks, and beds.”(6)

While small now, the growing segment of mobile food delivery is expected to outpace overall restaurant growth well into the future:  “These so-called ‘online restaurant sales’ — which just means ordering a meal delivery online — only account for about 2 percent of the restaurant market today, according to a Euromonitor study commissioned for Blue Apron’s public filing,” The Atlantic reports in the article. “But this online market is projected to grow 15-times faster than the rest of the restaurant business through the end of the decade.”

Quiznos franchise opportunity infographic about chef inspired sandwiches

What makes Quiznos a stand-out opportunity in the crowded sandwich industry?

In a crowded and competitive landscape, Quiznos leads the way in brand recognition and awareness. For more than 35 years, Quiznos has won over millions of loyal brand champions who crave our deliciously toasted, chef-inspired subs and sandwiches.

Quiznos excels at the art of sandwich-making because we take our food quality extremely seriously. We use authentic and expertly sourced ingredients, such as butcher-quality meats, all-natural cheeses, chef-inspired sauces and only the freshest vegetables. We pioneered the toasted sandwich, and it’s true that when our sandwiches are sent through our toaster, what emerges is a sandwich where all the ingredients work together to create one perfect bite after another.

Quiznos franchise sandwiches in a box

“What makes Quiznos exceptional begins with our food,” saysTim Casey, President and CEO of Quiznos. “It’s no secret that Quiznos pioneered the toasted sandwich, but most people don’t know that what makes our sandwiches taste so much better than our competition is the combination of a recipe created by a professional chef and our commitment to using the freshest and best ingredients on the market.”

Quiznos is ahead of the curve on third-party delivery and catering

Other sandwich franchise systems seem to struggle with mobilizing the technology needed to capture a significant share of the rapidly growing third-party delivery market. Quiznos, however, has a built-in feature on our new POS systems to make third-party delivery an easy way to earn additional revenue.


Quiznos franchise image of 2 girls in a car eating a sandwich

This new tool also allows our franchisees to track their catering orders, incentivizing the need for franchise owners to go out and grow their catering business in their local communities. Catering is an important revenue stream for our top-performing franchisees and grows depending on how much and how effectively it is marketed.

Our POS system also has our loyalty program built-in, which gives our franchisees real-time data on who their customers are, what they like to order, and how often they come in for a sandwich. Another big part of our new POS system is managing food costs and inventory, which has never been easier than it is now. We’re going to continue to leverage new technologies on behalf of our franchisees going forward so that we can continue to be at the forefront of consumer demand.”

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