The Quiznos Franchise Story

How the Simple Act of Toasting Changed the Sandwich Industry Forever

If you were born after 1981, you cannot possibly remember what the world of sandwiches was like before Quiznos franchise introduced the toasted sub and became one of the most popular sandwich brands of all time. You’re lucky, as the rest of us have to shiver at the memories of eating cold, uninspired sandwiches of questionable quality in the time before Quiznos opened up in our communities.

Quiznos was established more than 35 years ago in Denver, Colorado, by Jimmy Lambatos. Inspired by the oven-baked sandwiches of his youth on Long Island, Jimmy began toasting his subs to bring out the flavors of the butcher-quality meats, high-end cheeses, and artisanal bread. In fact, several of Jimmy’s original creations are still proudly showcased on the current Quiznos menu, such as our Classic Italian and our Meatball sandwich. Close to four decades later, Jimmy’s original sandwiches have been enjoyed by millions upon millions of people, and the brand he founded in 1981 continues to be championed by millions of devoted enthusiasts across the country.

The Quiznos of today continues to build upon Jimmy’s original idea of delivering the best possible sandwich experience. Our toasted sandwiches still proudly feature butcher-quality meats, high-end cheeses, and artisanal bread, though we kicked our game up several notches by introducing chef-inspired sauces and new flavor profiles that work with our ingredients like a symphony for your taste buds. While our roots are proudly planted in the comfort-food-style sandwiches such as our Chicken Carbonara, our menu continues to expand to cater to diverse lifestyles and appetites with new items such as salads, wraps and more! In turn, Quiznos continues to remain at the forefront of inclusivity, appealing to more people than other sandwich brands could possibly imagine.

Why is Quiznos franchise stronger now than ever before?

Quiznos is led by an executive team that is passionate about our brand, our storied history and the success of our franchisees. The knowledge of our brand, our culture and what it means to have lasting success is what fuels our Franchisee Centric leadership team, and is the reason why we drafted a New Deal with franchisees to make Quiznos more affordable to own than ever before.

Quiznos franchise sandwich being made

The New Deal greatly reduced the ongoing costs of owning a Quiznos franchise, while also enhancing the level of support that our franchisees receive. We’re proud to report that our royalty fees and advertising fees are some of the lowest in the entire franchise industry. Quiznos franchisees also benefit from a robust support platform that includes everything from initial training, ongoing education, ongoing marketing support, and our continuous roll-out of new menu items. Our commitment to leveraging new technologies helps Quiznos franchisees increase their profit-potential over the long term. Of course, buying a Quiznos franchise comes with the tremendous upside of owning a restaurant that has tremendous brand recognition, with countless fans across the country and a proven business model that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning the best sandwich shop in their community.

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