Parish Patel left in 2015 as the sandwich chain collapsed. His return is part of a hopeful new era for Quiznos.

Quiznos Set to Expand Georgia Presence with 10 Store Multi-Unit Development Agreement

Ten new Quiznos scheduled to open across Northern Georgia

Flexible Floor Plans Make Our QSR Franchise Better

Entrepreneurs with experience in the food and beverage industry are looking for quick-service restaurant (QSR) opportunities that are poised for growth, both now and in the future. If you fit into this category of investor, ask yourself what’s more important for your next opportunity: A QSR franchise with a great drive-thru and online ordering capabilities or a sit-down QSR? At Quiznos, we think the answer in most cases is obvious.

That said, we understand that you are an experienced QSR franchise owner with deep experience in your local market. This is why we have flexible floor plan choices that are geared to providing you with a best-in-class menu and ordering experience with floor plan options that can help to maximize your bottom line. When you reach out to us, you’ll find that the opportunity for superior unit economics is just the beginning: Our prefabricated, drive-thru Qube option has the additional, potential advantages of not only much lower startup costs and tax advantages but the ability to open much sooner, sometimes within weeks, and the potential to set down your new location almost anywhere.

The Quiznos brand is engineering a growth rebound through the innovation we’ve always been known for, combined with a new attitude dedicated to franchisee success under new franchisor ownership. While others have stubbornly persisted with what used to work, our changes have gone beyond just the Quiznos menu to also include our customer experience, business operations, and unit economics. Our franchisees are among the chief beneficiaries of these changes, as they stand to maximize the growth and profit potential of each of their Quiznos franchises.

The Modern Quiznos Store Design

Even after bringing the toasted sub to prominence, the Quiznos team has not stopped pushing for new ways to stand out from the crowd of brands in the sub shop industry. Our new store design brings in flat-top grills and deep fryers so that Quiznos can offer freshly prepared meat subs and fried items alongside the toasted subs that our customers love eating from Quiznos. This includes late-night and limited-time offerings that motivate our customers to order from their nearest Quiznos location, inspiring even greater brand loyalty.

Beyond the expanded menu capabilities, the floor plans also better streamline the business operations of our franchisees, making them more efficient. Our QSR franchise opportunities allow for a better level of service than what consumers can expect from most other sandwich makers in the industry. We’ve also fully embraced adding drive-thru capabilities and third-party delivery services so that Quiznos franchisees can maximize their order-taking abilities and generate further revenue that they could otherwise miss out on.

Flexible New Restaurant Build Out

When evaluating a QSR franchise for sale, the unit economics (rightfully) play a significant factor in the decision-making of each entrepreneur. At Quiznos, we offer our franchisees a traditional (bricks and mortar) building, and to leverage our innovative heritage, we now offer a “Qube” prefabricated, drive-thru model that provides attractive unit economic potential to our franchisees. With a Qube location, franchisees can:

  • Open for business on a quicker timeline
  • Pay lower startup costs compared to the industry standard
  • Have more flexibility in site selection, staffing, and drive-thru services

Evolving to offer the Qube model as an additional option to the traditional brick-and-mortar floor plan is just another example of the flexibility that makes Quiznos the best QSR franchise to own.

For entrepreneurs in search of a QSR franchise in the sub shop industry that can offer one of the best returns on investment, one with flexible floor plans like Quiznos will be at the top of their list. With great customer affinity, brand awareness, and crowd-pleasing menu items, Quiznos has the ingredients needed to enter new markets and stand out in the popular QSR industry.

Looking for more information about our flexible floor plans? Contact us today to learn more!

Four Reasons Why You Should Own a Quiznos Franchise

As an entrepreneur, you are probably aware of what it takes to own and operate a successful business venture to some degree. Opening a new business can be challenging, especially if you are following a traditional small business model or in an industry where the competition can be too difficult to overcome. By choosing to franchise instead, you’ll gain access to an established brand and all its built-in advantages and strengths that can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. With the Quiznos franchise model, you’ll benefit greatly from strong brand awareness in a growing industry where other newcomers find it difficult to gain solid footing.

Throughout Quiznos’ decorated history as a sub sandwich shop brand, innovation has been the name of the game. Our fresh ingredients and hand-made, toasted subs quickly won over consumers in communities across the US as we quickly rose to the top of the industry. Today, we’re bringing that same innovative mindset to the franchising opportunity that we offer entrepreneurs. By supporting you with the necessary resources that most individuals struggle to acquire for themselves as a “one-man sub shop,” we demonstrate our dedication to proving that Quiznos is the right sub sandwich franchisor to start your next great business venture with.

1.  Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Quiznos is a brand that customers know and love. Founded in 1981, we have enjoyed high brand awareness and affinity at a national level for 20 years. With the experience that Quiznos offers at each of our locations, consumers’ sense of brand loyalty has been a constant for decades. Patrons don’t just love Quiznos for our overall menu selection but trust our stores to make their favorite subs time and time again. This speaks to how well the Quiznos team enables our franchisees to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Our commitment to delivering the best meal possible through our franchise stores is part of what has made the Quiznos menu a top choice among consumers in the sub and sandwich market

2.  Real Estate Floor Plan

At Quiznos, we know that the “one size fits all” approach to franchising is a thing of the past – and we understand that better than any other franchisor in the subs and sandwich market. This mindset drove us to design our prefabricated, drive-thru model, which can provide quicker startup times, greater flexibility in site selection, and lower initial costs for Quiznos franchisees.

Our kitchen equipment package include space for flat-top grills, deep fryers, our famous sub toasters, and other essential equipment that allows Quiznos franchisees to create better-tasting, unique menu items that include freshly prepared hot meat subs and french fries, which few others in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry are capable of offering. We strongly recommend drive-thru service for most new franchise locations – and again, our prefabricated “Qube” option provides a strong economic model that maximizes speed of service with less square footage required to operate. Along with our omnichannel delivery, this elevates the customer experience at your Quiznos locations and can help generate the highest return on investment possible for you as our franchise partner.

3.  Unit Economics to Fuel Growth Potential

While these are all certainly positive factors, you are likely wondering about the Quiznos franchise cost. Fortunately, our model, built upon unit economic potential, puts franchisees like you in a fantastic position to generate revenue and grow quickly throughout your territory. Our traditional and prefabricated, drive-thru Qubes franchise models offer different operational setups and investment requirements that can best fit your capabilities and franchising goals. We firmly believe that this flexibility will prove invaluable as you look to hit the ground running with your new businesses.

4.  Franchisor Support

Quiznos is a popular name in the subs market with customers in many different territories, in large part due to how dedicated we are to supporting the operations of our franchisees. We do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Our in-house supply chain, which helps you manage inventory so your locations can fulfill orders from customers that leave them satisfied and excited to return for their next meal.
  • Ongoing marketing campaigns and limited-time promotions, which form connections with local consumers and keep your franchise stores at the top of their minds.
  • Our franchise development team, which provides coaching and mentorship to assist you in achieving your entrepreneurial goals through the growth and success of your Quiznos locations.

If you still find yourself asking, “What are Quiznos’ obligations to its franchisees?” check out the training and support page on our website, and reach out to us.

When it comes to the sub industry, few other options can compete with the advantages of owning a Quiznos franchise. With the strength of our brand and the support we provide behind you, franchising with Quiznos can prove to be a business decision you can consider to be one of the best you have ever made.

Want to learn more about what franchising with Quiznos is like? Reach out to us today and we’ll take the time to discuss life as a Quiznos franchisee!

Why Quiznos believes it is on the cusp of a turnaround

A Deeper Dive: Mark Lohmann, president of the chain’s parent company Rego Restaurant Group, joins the podcast to talk about the brand’s comeback efforts, including French fries.


This week’s episode of the Restaurant Business podcast A Deeper Dive features Mark Lohmann, the president of Rego Restaurant Group, which owns Quiznos as well as its sister chain Taco Del Mar.

Quiznos has gone from nearly 4,700 U.S. restaurants in 2006 to just 200 now, plus fewer than 300 internationally, a 90% reduction in total unit count that is unprecedented in restaurant industry history.

These days the brand is trying just about everything to stop that decline. That has included a new prototype featuring a new menu that includes grilled steak, subs featuring eggs and even French fries. Those are all made by new fryers and grills that Quiznos previously didn’t have. Lohmann talks about that plan and what it means for the chain’s future.

He also talks about some of the chain’s other strategies, such as its new prefabricated prototype it is testing elsewhere as well as other changes.

He talks about Quiznos’ unique advantages and why he believes the chain is at an Inflection point.

REGO Restaurant Group Revolutionizes Franchise Experience Through Partnership with BCubed Manufacturing

Uniquely efficient model featuring prefabricated restaurants transforms drive-thru experience with compact footprint and portability to drive strong unit economics for franchisees.

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As part of its brands’ continued transformations, REGO Restaurant Group – parent company of fast casual sandwich chain Quiznos and regional Mexican chain Taco Del Mar, among other brands – has inked a strategic partnership and development deal with BCubed Manufacturing LLC, a Michigan-based manufacturing company that makes high quality, fully outfitted free standing drive-thru restaurants.

With approximately 650-sq ft layouts designed for flexibility and efficiency, BCubed restaurants include both drive-thru and walk-up windows. Designed to fit on parcels of land that are too small for traditional restaurant development, BCubed restaurants contribute to a lower cost structure that supports labor and operating cost efficiencies. The modular restaurants – dubbed “The Qube” for Quiznos and “Baja Shack” for Taco Del Mar – are readily manufactured off-site and then shipped fully equipped, pre-wired, pre-plumbed and inspected to any site, dramatically reducing the development timeline.

The innovative concept was created by BCubed President Jeff Konczak, a real estate developer and entrepreneur who developed a modular restaurant concept with a streamlined development process to improve the economic model for investors and offer a unique and appealing experience to consumers. As the exclusive manufacturer of modular restaurants for REGO, BCubed Manufacturing is vertically integrating its process to reduce the cost and development timeline for Quiznos and Taco Del Mar franchisees, including decreased inventory lead times and accelerated production timelines. For Quiznos, which has recently invested in improvements to nearly every aspect of its business – from an updated store design and re-branding initiative to a revamped menu and new kitchen equipment – the prospect of offering a new, unique model along with traditional site development opportunities provides multiple growth avenues for potential and existing franchisees.

“When Quiznos first started in 1981, it was a complete disruptor, not unlike BCubed,” says Tim Casey, CEO of Quiznos. “It was doing things that no other brand was doing and we’re now returning to those roots as the most innovative franchise, by reinventing the brand and making Quiznos an outstanding investment opportunity for entrepreneurs who are seeking profitability and growth. This exciting partnership with BCubed is an important aspect of Quiznos’ overall growth efforts designed to prioritize ROI potential for franchisees.”

Information about “The Qube” can be found on the new website OwnaQuiznos.com, created to support the resurgence of interest in Quiznos as it reclaims its position as a category pioneer. Ownaquiznos.com, which contains details about the brand’s improvements to its business model as well as information about ongoing innovation efforts, has already gained significant attention from potential investors.

“I look forward to working with REGO and its brands, bringing them not just our building expertise but also an ability to scale through reduced construction lead time and a simplified process,” said BCubed President Jeff Konczak, whose business Alpena Marc, LLC recently signed a two-unit development agreement to build and operate a Quiznos and a Taco Del Mar in Alpena, MI, in the coming months. “Their approach aligns with mine, which ultimately comes down to wanting to do creative things with brands that are making an impact.”

“We have every reason to believe that Quiznos and Taco Del Mar will be as ubiquitous as ever once again,” added Casey. “How fast we achieve that depends on franchisee enthusiasm, which to date has been resounding.”

For those interested in owning an iconic sub franchise, visit OwnaQuiznos.com.

About REGO Restaurant Group / High Bluff Capital Partners

Based in Denver, Colorado, REGO Restaurant Group is a fast-casual restaurant platform backed by High Bluff Capital Partners. The portfolio currently includes Quiznos, home of the original toasted sub, and Taco del Mar, which offers coastal Mexican cuisine. REGO Restaurant Group manages nearly 800 restaurants in 32 countries.

High Bluff Capital Partners is a private investment firm specializing in consumer-facing companies and brands with the potential for transformation and significant growth. The firm’s team has extensive experience investing in, managing, leading and reinvigorating consumer businesses across the restaurant, entertainment, food, beverage and retail markets. More information can be found at www.highbluffcap.com.

About BCubed Manufacturing LLC

The idea came about when a traditional food service store front location couldn’t support a drive-thru and owner Jeff Konczak thought it needed one. One day at lunch, he sketched plans for a modular drive-thru facility on the back of a napkin.

Jeff pitched his idea to Biggby Coffee, the fastest growing coffee franchise in America. They loved it! The first BCubed for Biggby Coffee store was installed in 2018 with the 40th building scheduled to be installed in the fall of 2022.

Manufactured in a reclaimed foundry in Alpena MI, BCubed units are superior quality, standalone, sectional drive-thru buildings. BCubed Manufacturing buildings are “plug and play” as they come pre-plumbed and pre-wired. They are a capital investment that is movable and expandable.

More information can be found at www.bcubedmanufacturing.com.


Marie Espinel
The LAKPR Group
[email protected]

It’s Time to Give Quiznos Another Shot

The sandwich chain is revamping its menu and image to remind us how good a sub shop can be.

Every once in a while a little earworm gets stuck in my head out of nowhere: “We love the subs! ’Cause they are goooood to us!” The undeniable catchiness of the Quiznos jingle (and the grotesquerie of the spongmonkeys who sang it) burned this 2004 commercial into many brains, for better or worse. The Denver Business Journal reported at the time that certain locations’ same-store sales dropped as much as 30% after these ads ran, and some workers were even chastised by customers who said the ads terrified their children. But on the plus side, nearly 20 years later, I’m still thinking about it. And every time that jingle reemerges from my memory, I can’t help but wonder: What’s Quiznos up to these days?

The answer, in 2022, turns out to be “a whole lot, actually.” According to QSR Magazine, the sandwich chain is gearing up for a total makeover of its kitchens, service models, and menu. The restaurant might have seemingly lain dormant for the past decade or so, but we are blessedly about to enter a Quiznos renaissance. It’s about damn time.

Why Quiznos is revamping its image

It’s been a rough decade or so for Quiznos. In the late 2000s, the chain had nearly 5,000 locations in the United States, QSR Magazine reports, a figure that has now dipped below 200. The company declared bankruptcy in 2014, and in 2018 it was bought by private equity firm High Bluff Capital and was absorbed into the REGO Restaurant Group, which also handles Seattle-based chain Taco Del Mar. It’s the team at REGO that is now hoping to revitalize Quiznos, starting with a new location in Hobbs, New Mexico.

“The new restaurant is really a redesigned and reimagined Quiznos, built truly to evolving consumer interest,” REGO vice president of marketing and digital experience Brent Phillip told QSR. “So it is founded on extensive research that was done prior to the pandemic and through the pandemic for what should Quiznos look like and feel like in terms of consumers experience, to provide them what they’re seeking today, but also really truly ‘wow.’”

What to expect from new Quiznos locations

Photos of the new design seem aligned with the style we’re seeing at several fast casual chains like Chipotle, Sweetgreen, and Shake Shack: sleek and modern architecture with strategic dashes of color (in this case, bright green and neon orange). In the kitchen, the biggest changes are the addition of a flat-top grill and deep fryer, allowing for more menu creativity. The Hobbs location will also be the first to have a drive-thru, likely a response to COVID-era preferences.

But perhaps one of the most exciting changes for customers is the upgraded menu. Because Quiznos has fallen out of favor with sandwich lovers based purely on lack of locations, customers aren’t necessarily trained to expect anything in particular from the Quiznos menu and experience in the way that they are for, say, Subway. This gives the brand license to kind of do whatever it wants, so long as it stays in the very wide “toasted sub” lane. Some standouts of the new menu items include the Asian Steak Dipper, the Steakhouse Philly, the Carne Supreme, and Steak and Eggs, the latter being one of several new all-day brunch sandwiches.

As of now, Phillip says the plan is to open a handful of these new designs this year followed by dozens more in 2023, which will lead to a “rather sharp curve” of growth in 2024. The exact locations where these new stores will pop up hasn’t yet been announced, so keep a close eye on any empty storefronts near you, just in case.

Why Quiznos is better than Subway

Quite frankly, it’s about time Quiznos gets the attention and fix-’em-ups that it deserves. When it hit the scene in 1981, it was the first sub chain to offer toasted sandwiches, something that instantly elevates any lunch. And while places like Subway and Potbelly have tried to replicate the technique, there’s just something about the combination of the bread and oven used that make a Quiznos toast different.

Quiznos doesn’t get nearly enough credit for its innovations. Not only was it the first to normalize toasting your sandwich, it was also an early adopter of the avocado trend by incorporating guacamole heavily into its menu in the early 2000s, years before millennials would be maligned for spending all their money on avocado toast. And the current menu offers something that you can’t get at any other sandwich chain: a lobster sub.

While Quiznos isn’t a build-your-own sandwich shop in the way that Subway is, you can still customize your meal down to the size. Just want a small bite? Get the 4-inch. Starving? Go for the 12-inch. Plus the sides are way more fun than those of your typical sub chain—have you seen bacon jalapeño loaded tots or birthday cake donut holes on offer anywhere else?

And as divisive as the advertising may have been in the past, we’ve gotta give it up for the spongmonkeys, which embody the spirit of a company that’s willing to try anything. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little weird every once in a while and taking a chance on the bizarre. At the very least, it will keep people talking about Quiznos for another 20 years to come.

The Quiznos of Tomorrow Has Arrived

Quiznos franchise location


Quiznos is familiar with being an industry disruptor, says Brent Phillip, vice president of marketing and digital experience for parent REGO Restaurant Group. After all, the 41-year-old company prides itself as being the home of the original toasted sub.

With that same pioneering strategy in mind, the sandwich chain is moving forward with a differentiated store prototype, the first of which popped up in Hobbs, New Mexico. Phillip describes the branding as clean, simple, and contemporary, with a local community flair. The color scheme includes a lot of black and gray, with some bright neon green and orange—honoring what Quiznos was in the past, but signaling to guests that it’s a new experience compared to previous versions they’ve visited.

“The new restaurant is really a redesigned and reimagined Quiznos, built truly to evolving consumer interest,” Phillip says. “So it is founded on extensive research that was done prior to the pandemic and through the pandemic for what should Quiznos look like and feel like in terms of consumers experience, to provide them what they’re seeking today, but also really truly ‘wow.’”

Operationally, the kitchen is completely restructured. Whereas back-of-house was previously focused on the toaster, the new design incorporates a flat top grill and deep fryer, allowing Quiznos to explore a bigger, globally inspired menu.

Some examples of sandwich innovation include the Asian Steak Dipper, the Steakhouse Philly, the Carne Supreme, and Steak and Eggs, an all-day breakfast item served with fried eggs, grilled steak, white American cheese, grilled onions and peppers, and cherry peppers. Other new options are the Steak and Frites and Cobb salads, an enhanced veggie guacamole, and Beyond Italian Sausage made with provolone, grilled peppers and onions, and marinara.

Greg Boudreaux, Quiznos brand leader and REGO’s vice president of operations, says new cooking equipment is geared toward speed of service and ensuring the brand can accommodate drive-thru, in-restaurant dining, takeout, and third-party delivery.

“That was really the first reason why we look to those pieces of equipment, and then once that opened up, it allowed us to really start to dive into what was possible that we could actually bring in from new menu items, new side items, and really drive those pieces of equipment to add value and help franchisees realize the return on investment,” Boudreaux says.

Including the latest Hobbs, New Mexico, location, Quiznos has four drive-thru restaurants in its system, but that number is set to increase under the fast casual’s renewed growth strategy. The company’s drive-thru units outperformed the entire system throughout COVID because of their ability to  keep operations going when municipalities implemented restrictions. At the Hobbs outlet, the off-premises channel mixes roughly 60 percent.

One of Quizno’s drive-thru restaurants, based at the end of a shopping center, retroactively installed its lane. Boudreaux and Phillip believe there may be similar opportunities elsewhere. There will also be chances for franchisees to relocate into spaces that better support drive-thru or re-build with the channel in mind.

“I think our take is it’s really store by store dependent. And that could even be zip code by zip code dependent, as well,” Phillip says. “There’s a lot of factors that it’s hard for us to say what percentage of the footprint is ready for or is possible to do that. I think there’s a great opportunity for a good amount, and it’ll just take time to be able to do all the diligence to really figure out for each store what can we transform to meet the consumer interest.”

In terms of branding and aesthetics, franchisees will have the option of simply updating logos and color schemes or going with the full-fledged approach of adding new equipment. The typical Quiznos restaurant is about 1,300 square feet, while the Hobbs store is about 2,000. The company anticipates future units will be substantially smaller.

“What I can share today is that we are very far along in a rather revolutionary approach to the restaurant model that will pick up on a lot of the components that are at the Hobbs restaurant that just opened, but will also contain some really cool options for considerably smaller site opportunities,” Phillip says. “Greg and I are both really excited about the opportunity for utilizing sites that others typically couldn’t because of the size of a footprint that is in development today.”

Quiznos had nearly 5,000 U.S. restaurants in the late 2000s before seeing its footprint shrink due to the Great Recession, growing competition from fast casuals, and issues with franchisee profitability. The company declared bankruptcy in 2014, and four years later, private equity firm High Bluff Capital purchased the sandwich chain. Quiznos was placed under the watch of REGO, which also oversees Taco Del Mar.

The brand had 306 U.S. outlets to start 2019, and that number has now dipped below 200. There are expectations that a handful of new locations will open this year with the new design, followed by dozens more in 2023. Phillip says Quiznos will see a “rather sharp curve” to growth in 2024 and beyond. He believes the brand can leverage its “massive” consumer awareness to enter new and existing markets across the country, no matter the geography. The idea is to sign big deals with multi-unit operators and build out areas.

Quiznos is almost entirely franchisee-owned, and Phillip says the concept will stick to that methodology as it battles for more market share and expansion opportunities in the coming years.

“I think that varies by brand for sure, but some of our reasoning is that Quiznos franchisees have always been an integral part of the brand, and they’ve especially been an integral part of the brand as it’s evolved in recent years,” Phillip says. “And we’ve just really seen the value in a responsible and cooperative support center feedback relation with franchisees.”

“So we really do see franchisees as important partners in this and needing their feedback, their learnings, their knowledge to represent a variety of markets to help drive the brand forward,” he adds. “So when you think about two things, one is brand development, and we see franchisees as a critical part of that, but we also see the restaurant economics as also reliant on entrepreneurial, inspired franchises.”

New Hickory Smoked Burnt Ends

Quiznos is introducing the Hickory Smoked Burnt Ends sandwich to its menu today, combining the favorite seasonal flavor of BBQ with premium burnt end cuts – a classic barbecue craving in the U.S. that continues to grow in popularity internationally.

The Hickory Smoked Burnt Ends sandwich is made with carefully selected prime rib cuts smoked with hickory wood chips that offer a tender, juicy and flavorful bite with crispy bark. The burnt ends are complemented by pickles, red onions, melted cheddar cheese, and topped with Blue Ribbon BBQ sauce. Guests can order the sandwich on their choice of bread, including Italian White, Whole Wheat, Jalapeno Cheddar, and Rosemary Parmesan.

“At Quiznos, we are always looking to create flavorful and unique items for our guests that they may not expect to find in our restaurants, and we are excited for them to try out this sandwich,” said Mike Gieseman, Vice President of Culinary Innovation. “We really wanted to create something reminiscent of long summer days spent outside enjoying time with friends and family, and we believe this new sandwich conveys that feeling.”

This latest limited time offer from Quiznos showcases the brilliant innovation seen in this year’s previous offers like the fan-favorite Lobster and Seafood sub and the Philly Cheesesteak, which sold out sooner than expected across the country. The Hickory Smoked Burnt Ends sandwich is now available in participating U.S. Quiznos locations starting at $8.50 while supplies last.

Quiznos Opens Redesigned Store in Hobbs, New Mexico

Known for being the first quick-service sandwich restaurant to toast its sandwiches four decades ago, Quiznos deepens its innovation heritage and pushes new boundaries with a range of new menu items created in the kitchen of its newest restaurant in Hobbs, NM which serves as the blueprint for future Quiznos.

With a comprehensive understanding of current culinary trends and what guests are seeking – exciting new flavors and memorable dining experiences – the new Quiznos restaurant in Hobbs, NM features a newly outfitted restaurant and expanded menu with global-inspired flavors. Guests can experience exciting ordering and dining options with a new drive thru, patio dining and all new flat top grills and deep fryers to support several new menu items

“We are always looking for ways to improve the dining experience for our guests and are delighted to roll out these latest updates that take that experience to the next level,” says Quiznos franchisee Dominik Mendoza, owner of CF Lifestyle Investments, LLC. “Our focus remains on providing high-quality service and delivering craveable food the brand is known for. Initial feedback on the new items underscores peoples’ appetite for creative twists on familiar classics.”

Longtime fan favorites like the Italian, Mesquite Chicken and Chicken Carbonara subs have been upgraded and are still present on the menu, now joined by an assortment of exciting newcomers. Guests can indulge in the new Asian Steak Dipper, made with grilled steak, pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro and basil, and pho dipping sauce; the Steakhouse Philly made with grilled steak, cheddar cheese, provolone, grilled mushrooms and onions with zesty grill sauce; the Carne Supreme made with meatballs, pepperoni, salami, capicola, ham, provolone, and marinara; and Steak and Eggs, a new breakfast item served all day made with fried eggs, grilled steak, white American cheese, grilled onions and peppers, and cherry peppers.

“As a brand, we are known for our innovation and it all started with being the first to integrate toasting into our menu,” says Mark Lohmann, President of REGO Restaurant Group which owns Quiznos. “We’re bringing in great new flavors and formats for our guests with the launch of these delicious new subs and vegetarian options, as well as the upgraded fan favorites. We continue to seek out more exciting flavors to add to our restaurants and provide a unique, new experience.”

Expanding its vegetarian options, Quiznos has enhanced the popular veggie guacamole and introduced the Beyond Italian Sausage made with grilled, plant based, Beyond Italian sausage, provolone, grilled peppers and onions, and marinara. New salad options include the Steak and Frites made with grilled steak, fries, chopped bacon, tomatoes, red onions, and ranch dressing, and the Cobb salad made with grilled chicken, chopped bacon, chopped egg, tomatoes, and avocado ranch dressing.

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